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2017 IFT First Food Expo Las Vegas


Our business manager went to Las Vegas to attend "IFT FOOD EXPO 2017"

And conduct market investigation, and conduct business negotiations with old customers. The exhibition runs from June 25, 2017 to June 28, 2017.

The International Food Technology Exhibition IFT is organized by the Institute of Food Technologists and rotates in a different city in the United States each year. The exhibition has a long history and has been held for the 74th time so far. It is the largest and most prestigious international food additives, food ingredients and technology professional exhibition and industry event in the Americas, the exhibition gathers the latest situation of the food industry global scientific and technological achievements into products, reflects the direction and dynamics of the development of the food industry, and represents the development trend of the world's food science and technology industry. Every year, tens of thousands of food industry producers, buyers and distributors gather here to discover new products, meet partners and make new friends. The exhibition mainly displays food additives: sweeteners, sour agents, emulsifiers, food flavors, nutrition enhancers, preservatives, starch sugar, sugar alcohols, oligosaccharides, vegetable protein, dietary fiber and other products.

Our company is a professional food additives export company, mainly engaged in sweetener, vitamin, emulsifier products. In this exhibition, we focused on introducing sucralose, stevia, monk fruit, folic acid and other products with customers, which attracted the attention of many customers.

PRINOVA Company in the United States is a very large distributor in the world, and we have been doing business with the company. The new order of sucralose discussed in detail at the meeting has a significant increase in order volume. In August, we welcomed a large order of more than tonnage in the second half of the year, with good results. For folic acid, further communication has also been carried out, and the market has gone from high to low, and customer demand has decreased.

SWEETENERS SOLUTOIN, Inc., from the United States, further discussed sweetener compounding products, reached a consensus on the premixing of sucralose, aspartame, and neotame, and exchanged views on current sweetener trends.

We also received DAILY, an old Chilean customer from South America. At present, the substitute sugar products for sweeteners are very popular in the South American market, and the market demand of our old customers has also increased.

While we welcome old customers, we also welcome new faces. They're from a distributor in Bolivia. In dairy ingredients, such as vitamin premix, xanthan gum, and other products, vitamin C is also a major aspect of their work. China's vitamin C factory is very advantageous in the world, as a trading enterprise, we can operate different brands of vitamin C to customers to choose, recommend to customers the most suitable products.

In this exhibition, we received more than 30 new and old customers and friends. After the exhibition, the order volume of old customers has increased, and new customers have sent samples to wait for follow-up new orders. At the exhibition, we deeply realized that the US market is huge, and the number of obese people is increasing, and alternative sugar and vitamin products will still be our main project. Through this exhibition, we also learned that the emerging natural sweetener stevia tea extract will be a new bright spot in the food industry, in addition to the role of sweeteners, it can also reduce three high, in the health care industry will have more applications. We believe that with our unremitting efforts, we will have a greater market opportunity to promote the export of food ingredients, and hopefully create more foreign exchange earnings for the country.

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