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2018 Food Ingredients Additives Exhibition and Conference(IFIA JAPAN)


Our business manager went to JAPAN to participate in the " International Food Ingredients&Additives Exhibition and Conference(IFIA JAPAN)" and conducted market research and business negotiations with old customers. The exhibition runs from May 16, 2018 to May 18, 2018.

About the exhibition:

The International Food Ingredients and Additives/Health Food Exhibition (ifia/HFE Japan), sponsored by the Japanese Food Chemical News Agency, has been held for 23 sessions so far, and the scale of the exhibition has expanded year by year, and has become the largest and best trade effect of food additives and food ingredients exhibition held in Japan, which is quite authoritative in the Japanese food industry. It has a large impact and is welcomed by the industry.

Exhibition Scope:

Food additives, ingredients and raw materials: sugar, starch, sorbitol, fat substitute food, flour, yeast products, additives, pigments, pigment adhesives, emulsifiers, flavors, wetting agents, nutritional additives, sweeteners, functional food additives, dehydrated vegetables, etc

Health food and beverage: vitamins, minerals, Omega 3, aloe vera, chlorella, glucosamine, beauty food, weight loss food, low calorie organic grain tea food and algae food

Our company is a professional food additives export company, mainly engaged in sweetener, vitamin, emulsifier products. According to the data show that in 2017, the professional audience to visit the China exhibition area to negotiate is 1000 people, and the on-site transaction is 2 million US dollars, and the intention is 8 million US dollars. Therefore, our company takes this opportunity, hoping to promote the product through three days of display, negotiate with new and old customers, and expand the market. Our key products in this exhibition are: HMB-CA, mannose, sucralose, stevia, SAIB, vitamin C and other products, which have attracted the attention of many customers.

In this exhibition, we received more than 30 new and old customers and friends. After the exhibition, the order volume of old customers has increased, and new customers have sent samples to wait for follow-up new orders. In the exhibition, we deeply understand the huge market in Japan, prefer healthy food additives, nutritional supplements are more and more people, HMB-CA, alternative sugar and vitamin products will continue to be our main project. Through this exhibition, we also learned that the emerging mannose will be a new bright spot in the food industry, in addition to the role of sweeteners, it can also reduce the three high, in the health products industry will have more applications. This exhibition not only makes us understand the latest information and latest developments of the Japanese food industry, but also makes a good publicity for the image of our company, and directly provides opportunities for promotion and trade negotiations in our exchanges with new and old customers. This is a good opportunity to open up the Japanese market. We believe that with our unremitting efforts, we will have a greater market opportunity to promote the export of food ingredients, and hopefully create more foreign exchange earnings for the country.

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