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Sodium Alginate, thickening agent for beverages and dairy products

Sodium Alignate powder is a kind of natural polysaccharide which exists in kelp, macroalgae and other brown algae. It is a natural product formed by alginic acid in algae and minerals in seawater, alginic acid is a kind of mixed polysaccharide, which is composed of mannose uronic acid (m) and guloronic acid (g) . Widely used alginate products are sodium alginate, potassium alginate, calcium alginate, ammonium alginate and so on.


    As a thickening agent for beverages and dairy products, sodium alginate has unique advantages in thickening: good fluidity of sodium alginate makes the added beverage taste smooth; And can prevent the product in the process of disinfection viscosity decline phenomenon. When using sodium alginate as a thickener, products with larger molecular weight should be used as far as possible, and Ca should be added appropriately. It can greatly improve the viscosity of sodium alginate.



    1. In Food Field:

    Application and Suggestion Main Function and Characterstics  Recommended additive amount
    Bread Enhance dough tenacity, improve dough air-holding performance, increase bread specific volume, delicate internal structure, elastic, good taste. Good water retention, improve anti-aging effect, extend product shelf life. 0.1%-1%
    Ice Cream When the ice cream is produced, sodium alginate is added as a stabilizer, and the mixture is uniform, which is easy to adjust the fluidity of the mixture when it is frozen, and is easy to stir. The product has good shape, smooth and delicate, good taste, does not form ice crystal during storage, and can stabilize the air bubble, the expansion rate of the product increased about 18% . Increase output by 15% -17% , while making the product soft and elastic. 0.1%-0.5%
    Milk Sodium alginate can be used as a stabilizer for frozen milk, frozen fruit juice and other beverages. Can significantly increase the taste, no stickiness and stiffness. Adding sodium alginate into yoghurt can keep and improve its curd shape, prevent viscosity drop during high temperature disinfection, and prolong its storage period, so that its special flavor remains unchanged. 0.25%-0.2%
    Beverage Sodium alginate is added to the beverage, with saccharin and accessories to make a refreshing fruit syrup, with a smooth and uniform taste, stability is not divided into 0.25%-2%
    Health Food Dietary fiber, a unique nutrient that binds to organic matter, lowers cholesterol in the serum and liver, inhibits total fat and total fatty acid concentrations, and improves nutrient absorption and absorption, at the same time also inhibit radioactive strontium, cadmium and other harmful elements in the body again absorption.  
    Candy Sodium alginate can produce high-quality soft candy, fresh jelly, grape beads, lotus seed soup and so on. 0.25%-2%
    Cake Sodium alginate can help to emulsify egg whites. Increase cake specific volume, stomata wash rice evenly, soft and elastic, easy to release mold, smooth appearance. Good water retention, good anti-aging effect, extend shelf life. 0.1%-0.5%
    Beer In the production process as a copper curing remover, at the same time with the protein, tannin coagulation after removal. 0.1%-1%
    Bread, cakes, and other sandwich sauce products Improve the emulsifying and thickening properties of the product, improve the plastic properties of the paste. Improve the internal structure of the product to make it smooth and delicate. Improve product water retention and water retention. Good thermal stability, reduce the degree of collapse caused by baking deformation. 0.1%-1%
    Fillings, jams, etc in baked goods Water-retaining plastic, forming gel-type jam, easy to smear, smooth and elastic reduce paste body water analysis out. Resistant to baking, high temperature baking, still retain the unique flavor of fresh fruit, jam body filling, delicate taste. 0.1%-05%
    Filling for jam and baked goods Improve the consistency of the jam, with a clear fresh fruit flavor, a smooth and elastic surface, a full body of the jam, a delicate taste, and a reduction in water precipitation. 0.1%-1%
    2. in Cosmetics Field:

    Application Main Function and Characteristics Recommended additive amount

    Cosmetic Products
    1. Water retention effect:
    Sodium alginate is rich in hydroxyl and carboxyl groups, which can form intermolecular bonds with water molecules and bind a lot of water. Alginic acid has a good film-forming properties, can form a uniform film on the skin, to prevent water evaporation.

    2. Clean Skin:
    Very strong adsorption of heavy metals, adsorption of impurities: after the injection of copper ion solution, through the seaweed fiber membrane cloth adsorption function. The water (Essence) released is transparent and pure-for women wearing makeup, teachers, boiled women, and residents of areas with high air pollution water pollution, a strong cleansing capacity.

    3. Strong water lock ability and slow release ability:

    After injecting water, it can lock up more water (essence) and drip slowly and evenly-it is an efficient and gentle maintenance for dry, sensitive and aging skin. One-way penetration non-reverse absorption: seaweed fiber is a molecular lock water, and skin contact after the formation of thermal gel, only so that the essence to the skin in the direction of penetration, and can provide more than 15 minutes of long-term nourishment.
    4. Radiation protection:
    mask for after-sun repair, mobile phone and computer users, are the best choice.
    3. in Meat Products :

    Application Recommended dosage Function and Characterstics
    ham 0.3%-0.8% Water retention, elasticity, improve slicing
    Rolling meat products 0.3%-0.8% Water retention,Oil retention, elasticity enhancement, and embrittlement enhancement
    Table roast, pro-sausage special 0.3%-0.8% Water retention,Oil retention, elasticity enhancement, and embrittlement enhancement
    Fat Gel 0.3%-0.8% Low value, low cost, and beneficial to health
    4. in Gel Products:

    Application Main and Characteristics
    Cold noodles series products Water retention, elasticity, improve slicing
    Crispy Silk Series Products Water retention,Oil retention, elasticity enhancement, and embrittlement enhancement
    Microcapsule series products Water retention,Oil retention, elasticity enhancement, and embrittlement enhancement
    Explosive bead series products Low value, low cost, and beneficial to health
    Biomimetic food series products Molding, assisting the molding of sodium alginate gel products
    Other gel products Thickening, shaping, and water retention
    Sucralose 1mje
    Sucralose 2e04

    Product specification

    Identification 2 Large amounts of gelatinous precipitation should be produced immediately A large amount of gelatinous precipitation is produced immediately
    Identification 3 No precipitation should be formed No precipitation
    Assay    99% 99%
    (Viscosity),mPa.s 600-800 714
    Size Mesh,% ≥95%through 80 Mesh 80mesh
    Moisture,% ≤ 15.0 14.7
    PH Value 6.0-8.0 7.0
    Insoluble Matter In Water,% ≤ 0.6 0.5
    Color and status Milky white to light yellow powder Milky white to light yellow powder
    As(Arsenic),mg/kg ≤2.0 <2.0
    Pb(Lead),mg/kg ≤ 5.0 <5.0
    Ash % 18.0-27.0 24.7
    Microbiological Analysis
    Total Plate Count NMT 10000cfu/g Complies
    Yeast & Mold NMT 1000 cfu/g Complies
    E. Coli Negative Negative
    Salmonella Negative Negative
    Inspection Conclusion This product passes the inspection according to GB1886243-2016.
    Date of issue: 2023-01-30

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