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2017 Fi Europe (FIE) in the Frankfurt


From November 28, 2017 to November 30, 2017, the business manager of our company went to Frankfurt, Germany to participate in the 2017 European Food and Natural Ingredients Exhibition (FIE) and conduct market investigation, expand business, and conduct business negotiations with old customers to deepen cooperation.

FIE is hosted by UBM Live and has been held in Europe every two years for 28 years since 1986. Gathering tens of thousands of professionals from more than 130 countries, FiE has become a top international trade event with the highest recognition in the field of food ingredients, and is a professional exhibition that brings together the world's largest food ingredient suppliers, food ingredient buyers, and ingredient technology exporters.

Through our previous efforts, we have established contact with many distributors in Europe and carried out business cooperation. With the strict control of domestic environmental protection, many factories are under construction this year, the cost of raw materials has been rising upstream and downstream, customer order delivery is difficult to meet, and the price is difficult to maintain for a long time. At the same time, the hot products are constantly. In order to better consolidate the relationship with customers, in the case of increasing orders and tight supply, we participate in this exhibition. It is recommended that new products HMB-CA, hot products vitamin products, sweeteners, etc. are mainly used in nutritional supplements. Hope to deepen the communication with customers, maintain old customers, develop new customers.

For FIE exhibition, this time gathered customers from South America, Europe, Africa and other places. More new products were presented, in addition to traditional food ingredients, there were also new products such as date syrup. More and more customers are gravitating toward natural, organic, low-calorie food ingredients. In order to food safety, green and healthy, our company also actively participates in it, shares new products in a timely manner, and strives to strengthen communication with foreign customers in the case of increasing economic costs and fierce competition, and promotes domestic high-quality food ingredients and food additives, nutritional supplements, etc., to foreign customers. Our company has been working on vitamins, sweeteners and other products, in the meeting with foreign customers for many times to communicate, hoping to get more orders. We are also very happy that through this exhibition, old customers will add new orders for vitamin C. We believe that in today's increasingly transparent market, there are challenges, but also greater opportunities to promote the export of food ingredients, plant extracts, nutritional supplements, etc., and hopefully generate more foreign exchange earnings for the country.

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